Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver


When I first began reading Prodigal Summer I was a little put off. All the main characters (with the exception of Garnett Walker) are nature loving cougars. I had a hard time relating. Kingsolver was a little preachy at some parts as well. That is something I cannot stand; if I wanted preaching I would have picked up the bible. However, once I had gotten past my initial issues with the book, I really enjoyed it. The writing itself is very lyrical and soothing. Nature itself acts as a character, with apparent emotions and whims. My only huge complaint about the book would be the last chapter. It seemed a bit trite and forced. I wished she had just cut that chapter out. Another, Smaller complaint was the two dimensionality of the character of Deanna. She just was a little too wild to be real. Lusa, Nannie, and Garnett are much further developed, thus more endearing. Despite these shortcomings, Prodigal Summer is a vibrant book with utterly human characters living in a world who clearly has a mind of its own.